Dig On Yourself and the World Digs With You

by Kelly HagEN, haus witch and FASHION PROPAGANDIST

Fashion ain’t vain when you think of it as ~Ritual Adornment~. It’s fun, it’s self-expression, and it adds flavor to our lives. Consider it a public contribution to the arts, nay! ... The World.

Explore your style! Develop Your steez(™) Are you mod, grunge, goth? Are you glam on tuesdays & rock on wednesdays? Are you a witch, a wizard, a weirdo, a whiz? Try it all! Patterns will develop, and those patterns will come & go in waves, like madonna when she was reppin cone boobies for a year. Play!
It’s an E V O L U T I O N

If It Looks Good On You, It’s For You! Don’t fall into moldy old traps like “is this a women’s or men’s shirt?” Psh! Irrelevant. “Can a dude wear pink sequins?” “Am i too old for this?” Who carrrrresssss. If you try it on and you are suddenly compelled to make finger guns at yourself in the mirror, then IT’S FOR YOU. Do it.

Wear It When Ya Feel Like It. Never Apologize For Being Overdressed.

You’re coveting that plaid wool ‘60s blazer in the window; you own that semi-formal velvet gem collecting dust in the closet. “When am i ever gonna wear this?” Do you WANT to wear it? Freakin wear it!! What are you waiting for? Wear sequins to a sunday picnic, wear grandpa’s ‘70s tie to the show in your friend’s basement. Make the occasion. BE THE OCCASION, mannnn. When in doubt, imagine those little cartoon sunglasses sliding onto your face DEALWITHIT

Don’t Be Scurred.

No one’s gonna laugh at you. It’s 2018, are we really still on that judging-other-people nonsense? Heck no. Besides (your mom was right), if they laughing it’s cuz they jelly. And truly, the happy jazz you will feel when you’re *rocking* what you want -- oh man that good feeling will outweigh any shy.

Embody the Avatar.

Remember when in the future we were all gonna live in a virtual reality and you could pick a freaky haircut, metallic jumpsuit, moon boots and create your identity from scratch??? The future is now y’all!!! Build yourself from the ground up. BE the bionic fashion misfit of your dreamz!

Dig On Yourself and the World Digs With You.

* * * When you S H I N E, people are gonna reflect that light back at ya (ie you’re gonna get sooooo many compliments from fellow fly people, trust me…)

* * * When you S H I N E, you inspire others to do the same! Look at that awesome person feeling good in that awesome jacket and spreading groovy vibes ...YOU can do that too!!!

* * * When you S H I N E, you *for real* make the world a better place, a happier place ...


Shout out to legend Tommy Zefferi who coined the phrase ‘Dig On Yourself and the World Digs With You’ and who lived it everyday. Say Hi!!! to Kelly at @duder9000.